What's BTfind?
BTfind is a metasearch for private trackers. Simply, uses the searchers of every tracker.

BTfind is to the private trackers, more than Torrentz is to the public ones.
How does it work?
  1. You login, from BTfind, to the trackers in which you already have accounts.
  2. You write the query in the BTfind searcher and you select the trackers in which you want to search.
  3. BTfind combines the results returned by every tracker.

Watch the demo.
Why do I have to login from BTfind?
When you login to a site that needs login, this one creates a cookie with the information of the session. BTfind needs the above mentioned information to be able to make the searches in the trackers.
For safety issues, it is not possible to read cookies created by other domains -BTfind cannot read the cookies created by a tracker-. For that reason, it is necessary to create them locally. It is the only way of reading the session information created by the trackers.
What does BTfind do with the information of my accounts?
Nothing. BTfind sends the login information directly to the trackers and creates a cookie with the session information that they return.
That cookie is stored locally and is accessible only from your PC.
In what language is written?
BTfind is written in PHP. Because of that, it's necessary to mount a web server in which it must run. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery
With what operating system is it compatible?
BTfind is a WebAPP, so it runs on any operating system. You just need a compatible browser and a web server.
With what browser is it compatible?
BTfind was tested in the following browsers:

Firefox chrome Opera Safari Internet Explorer 8+
In what trackers can I search?
  • Awesome-HD Awesome-HD
  • BeyondHD BeyondHD
  • BitHQ BitHQ
  • Bitsoup Bitsoup
  • Blu-bits Blu-bits
  • Blu-Torrents Blu-Torrents
  • BT-Arg BT-Arg
  • HD-Space HD-Space
  • HD-Spain HD-Spain
  • HD-Torrents HD-Torrents
  • iLoveTorrents iLoveTorrents
  • Karagarga Karagarga
  • MusicVids MusicVids
  • PlanetQ PlanetQ
  • RevolutionTT RevolutionTT
  • SceneTime SceneTime
  • TheDVDClub TheDVDClub
  • Torrent-Damage Torrent-Damage
  • TorrentDay TorrentDay
  • TorrentLeech TorrentLeech
  • Waffles Waffles
Can I search in trackers in which I do not have account?
No. BTfind does not offer access to any tracker. Without account it is not possible to search.
Why does it get only the results from the first page?
BTfind is thought to make punctual searches. For example: "The lord of the rings the return of the king 1080p" and not "the lord of the rings". So, in most cases, more than one page of results is not obtained in every tracker.
To get the results of all the pages in several trackers, it would involve a considerable increase in the time that delays to show the results.

Anyway, the quantity of results for each page is something that can be modified from the profile in the trackers. So, if you wish to get more results, it is about selecting -in the corresponding tracker- 100 results for page instead of 15.

Nevertheless, I'm working to implement the functionality of getting the results from the rest of the pages.
Under what license is it distributed?
BTfind is open source and it is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.
How can I collaborate?