For the moment, there is no forum. So this is the place to leave any type of worry.

nombre Matías Minevitz (14/Jul/2013, 23:01):
An online solution is not an option, it has been discussed in several forums, it's just not possible.

The app was written in PHP just because that was the only language I knew. But that's not the case any more ;)
I'm working on a Python version (multiplatform as well); in fact, is almost done. I just need to find some time and finish it. But I will, I promise.

I know that a PHP app is no for every one. But it started as a personal project, I thought that this might be useful for someone else... so I decided to share it.

Do you really think that this solution is more troublesome that the problem itself? I mean... again, is not for every one, but it takes 5 minutes to setup everything and once it's done, it just works.

Thanks for the feedback, and keep in touch. The desktop version is around the corner.

nombre Anonymous (14/Jul/2013, 15:46):
The idea is good but as a person who used xampp/wamp for server hosting before, the application of it is beyond horrible. You should just make it a simple program or an online solution. Preferably both! I'll probably get it done if I follow your guide but I will NOT get into such trouble no matter how long my searches take... Your solution is simply more troublesome than the problem itself. I highly urge you to make it the way I described. So, me, and many, many other people who have no idea what php server is can use it! There simply isn't a solution to that so far, so please do this if you can.

In fact, if you know how, you can just take "Context Search" extention of Firefox and add multiple-search option to it. It automatically adds sites' search bars without needing to enter a single code, and due to it's nature, it's always up-to-date.
nombre Matías Minevitz (12/Nov/2012, 02:14):
@Guillermo: Ya me pongo en campaña para conseguir cuenta en esos trackers y los agrego.
En cuanto estén, te aviso.
Saludos y gracias por el interés.
nombre Guillermo (11/Nov/2012, 13:29):
¿Podrías añadir HDVNBits, CNHD (ChinaHDTV) y a la lista de trackers?
nombre Matías Minevitz (01/Feb/2012, 23:28):
Bueno, inauguro la sección de feedback.
Espero que la aplicación les sea útil. Cualquier cosa estoy acá para ayudar con lo que pueda.