BTfind allows simultaneous searching on private trackers and combine their results.

It's a metasearch engine developed for peers, by peers.


12/Mar/2014 - TorrentDay parser fixed:

If no torrent was found in TorrentDay, PHP returned an error.
The problem has been fixed.

03/Mar/2014 - TorrentDay & SceneTime:

TorrentDay and SceneTime are now part of BTfind.
Thanks earthcoder for the help.

24/Feb/2014 - iLoveTorrents:

iLoveTorrents is now part of BTfind.
Thanks earthcoder for the help.

13/Sep/2013 - AHD parser fixed:

AHD parser was fixed. They implemented HTTPS and the URLs were pointing to HTTP. It has been corrected and is already functioning normally.

29/Sep/2012 - Blu-Torrents:

Blu-Torrents is now part of BTfind.

15/Sep/2012 - BTfind at SourceForge:

BTfind is now part of SourceForge. You can see the project HERE.
Wiki and forum soon.

25/Aug/2012 - New trackers:

  • Karagarga
  • PlanetQ
  • Waffles
  • Music-Vids
  • BeyondHD
  • Blu-bits
  • BT-Arg

18/Aug/2012 - v2.0 released:

v2.0 has been released. There is a big gap between v1.2 and v2.0, not because of new features, but the code itself.

The whole tracker system is re-written in objects. The code is now much more orderly, more efficient. This has two advantages: first, the way it works now, makes searches faster. Second, adding new trackers is now very simple.

The trackers from previous versions are no longer supported. You have to write them with the new structure.

  • Torrent-Damage
  • RevolutionTT
  • English language
  • It reports if the trackers have the registrations opened
  • The whole tracker system was re-written in objects

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06/Apr/2012 - v1.2 released:

Many features were added in the results page. You have more control over what is displayed in the listing.

  • HDME
  • BeyondHD (ex FraMeSToR)
  • Shows the number of results obtained by tracker
  • Hide/show results by tracker
  • You can search on the obtained results

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